Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birthday invitations!

I am quite proud of myself!  I want Asher's 1st birthday to be amazing and special!  I decided to go with a dump truck theme!  Totally 100% boy!  I could not find any invitations that met my I had to make them!  It really was quite easy and less expensive than if I had ordered them!  I am very pleased with the results!

First Cooked Meal of 2010

Keeping with my new goals for 2010...I cooked a yummy meal!  And a healthy one too! 

Basically, I combined red potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, shrimp, italian dressing, and parmesan.  It was sooo yummy! 

First Hair Cut!

OMG!  I can't believe that it is already time to cut Asher's hair!  I am sooo sad!  Almost a year has past, and Asher so desperately needed a trim!  Actually, it was more than just a trim...but he needed it!  He couldn't even see because his hair would fall in his eyes!  One of my dear friends, Tina, came and rescued Asher.  She did a wonderful job and he looks like such a bog boy now!  Bittersweet!

2010 brings a breath of fresh air!

So I am not so good at making and keeping New Year's I am not even going to try!  BUT, since my life is inevitable changing, I guess I can make a list of things that I would like to change about myself.  Well, maybe not even change, but improve or incorporate into my life! 
So here goes!
1.  Eat healthier and more organic
NO...this is not a lose 25 pounds resolution.  For myself and for Asher, I would like to begin eating better.  It isn't about losing weight (though I am hoping that will happen too), it is about having a better quality of life! 
2.  Cook!
Those who know me well know that I don't do much of this!  I don't mind to cook...and I can read a recipe...I just don't.  So, I will beging to cook more to provide a healthier lifestyle for me and Asher!
3.  Craft, Craft, and more Craft!
I really like crafts!  I am not always the most creative or artistic person (my sister is the artist of the family!), but I like to try!  I want to do fun art activities with Asher and make fun crafts!  I also want to keep Asher's scrapbook and baby book current.  So far I am doing good on that!
4.  Become a Coupon Queen!
I try really really hard to clip coupons and get good deals.  I consider myself a thrifty shopper, but I can do better!
5.  Declutter!
This applies to all areas of life!  So much in my life is clutter and unneccessary.  Hopefully, a decluttered life will provide a feeling of relief!

I think 5 things will be a good start!  Here's to an aewsome year!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just the 2 of us...

Well, Asher and I are on an adventure. Unplanned, unwanted, and highly unexpected. But, it is what it is and who knows what our future holds or where it will take us! All I can do is trust that god knows my future and has a plan that by far exceeds my own. He has always done such a superb job at guided my path...guess I will stick along for the ride and see where he leads us!
As Asher and I embark on our journey together, I ask that you keep us in your prayers. Asher deserves the world and is such a blessing (hence his name!). As Asher's Mommy, my duty is to love, provide, and protect him. I pray that my decisions and actions do just that. And one day, I hope that he will see how greatly I love him.
We are taking a running leap of faith....and 1...2...3...we're OFF! Let the journey begin!